First Year Out

Has it really been a year? I’ve been so reluctant to write this post because what can I say that I haven’t already.

A year ago, I gave up fear and started this thing. I had a lot of feelings that needed to be processed and TNB became an outlet and a distraction. I was going to write about all the things I learned in year one of blogging but instead, I’ll look ahead to year two.

To celebrate, I hosted a small intimate party with some of the people who have given me an overwhelming amount of support. I really just really wanted to have a party but my friends and family showed me that it’s so much more. I didn’t really think a year in blogging was a big deal but on the day of the party, everyone showered me with so much love and congratulatory messages.

Like I said, this blog was started as a distraction and a way to express myself. I never knew my content was really connecting with an audience.

So in year two, I’m focused and energized. I only wrote 20 blogs last year but I’m giving you all more in the next 365 days.

The day after my party, the Queen, Beyonce made a historic performance at Coachella. Watching Beyonce perform is always a delight for me but this time around I got something else out of it. As a fellow Virgo, Beyonce attacks every performance with precision. She’s involved in every aspect of planning. She got me looking at myself like “Am I really even a Virgo?”


Apparently, I’m not working hard enough. I want this to be more than a hobby. I want more eyes on my content but I also want it to be an organic but engaging process. It’s time to go to work.

I’ve tried content planning and for awhile it worked. Then I started planning this party and it fell by the wayside but I’m back on my BS!


I’m thinking about changing the format a bit. You can expect the same funny and hard hitting content. For quick hits on pop culture, I’ll post on TNB. For long forum, think piece type stuff, I’ll submit those to my sister bloggers so that the topic doesn’t get stale and it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s content calendar. A podcast might also be in the works but we’ll see.

I’m ready to give you all the real (not that I’ve given you anything else). Thank you to everyone for an amazing year. I hope you stick around for The Nomadic Blogger: Year 2 and tell a friend to tell a cousin to tell a baby daddy!

P.S. Check out the photos from my Par-Tay and Anniversary Photo Shoot.

Shot by: Cyrus Tetteh