Why Michael B. Jordan isn't stopping Black Women from seeing The Black Panther

Social Media has blown up over the discovery that Michael Bae Jordan has a non-black girlfriend.


First of all, this is fake news because I’m black af sis! (Yes, I’m speaking it into existence).

Secondly, the internet has gotten more ridiculous with the lies saying that Black Women are calling for a boycott of Marvel’s long anticipated release of “The Black Panther.”


Are you dumb? Now as Black Women, we use our power to boycott a lot of shit. Pedophiles like R. Kelly and Roy Moore, rapists, the injustice faced by our brothers and sisters. Essentially I could go on for days but MBJ’s choice to date a woman of non-color is not going to make this list. Am I betrayed by this decision? Hell yes! I applied for a job at Marvel just to shoot my shot! (Ya’ll I’m really tryna make this happen. MBJ been bae since Hardball)

There is too much going on with this film for us to abandon it over this!

1. The Black Girl Magic is slathered all over this movie.

From Lupita, to Angela, to Danai. We are not missing a chance to support our sisters. Ain’t no ashy man stopping that.


2. Chris was so pissed about The Sunken Place that he went and got permanent citizenship to the Blackest nation in the world.


If you are unfamiliar with Jordan Peele’s “Get Out,” please close this browser window and get cultured! Daniel Kaluuya who plays Chris in the movie, stars in the Black Panther as a warrior in the Wakandan nation. It’s almost like a mini sequel for us. Chris was so messed up that he had to go get rehab in Wakanda and I don’t blame him!

3. Chadwick Boseman!

I mentioned earlier how betrayed I felt by MBJ but my heart isn’t too hurt because Chaddy Zaddy is right there. I mean look at him.


Chadwick can have me on a platter slathered in Sweet Baby Ray’s, all he has to do is ask. In addition to his aesthetically pleasing looks, he is also super intelligent. Check out this interview in which he explains how he practiced his accent for the role. Brains and beauty! Plus, are we really going to give up the chance to see Chaddy and Michael Bae fight each other shirtless? I think not. About to be in the theatre like


4. Afrofuturism!

This term is relatively new to me but I have been hearing it a lot lately, especially in terms of this movie. In my own words, and probably an overly simplified definition of the term, Afrofuturism is science fiction for Black people. When we think of the science fiction genre, you don’t see too many of our kind. Afrofuturism gives us that representation we need. *Inserts FUBU by Solange*

But in terms of this movie, Afrofuturism is Wakanda. As the most technologically advanced country in the world, the movie has to be futuristic af! From the set design to costuming, Afrofuturism is the sole inspiration for errthang!


But for a better, more informed explanation of this, check out this article from Mic.com.

5. Kendrick Lamar and TDE are producing and curating the soundtrack.

Bitch yes! I can’t even form words to explain how good this is and the lead single features SZA. This is basically how the soundtrack is going to sound:


6. Ryan Coogler is directing a big budget movie with a predominantly black cast.

Ryan is an amazing director. I fell in love with his work on Fruitvale Station and again with Creed. I always cry during the scene in Creed where MBJ is running with the ATVs. It’s one of the most beautifully shot scenes! I imagine The Black Panther will be just as, if not, more spectacular. With this Disney money (Marvel budgets are usually in the hundreds of millions) behind him, I know Coogler went crazy with his vision.

All in all, this film is black af and in no way shape or form will Black Women boycott this. There is a lot riding on this film. We gotta show Marvel and the entire Hollywood industry that Black representation matters. Black Women are the driving force of this economy, hell this nation. We are the trendsetters and people are starting to notice it. Advertisers, writers, etc., ae taking note on our likes and rearranging things to make it more appealing for us. They are looking at what we are doing and following suit. #FollowBlackWomenIn2018

So as that driving force, we are going to drive our asses to the theaters on February 16 with our Popeyes and Henny in our purses to see this Blackety Black Black film!


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